Being a wedding photographer, it’s safe to say that I have a lot of gear. I mean a lot. I was on the search for an awesome camera bag that could haul all of my wedding day essentials while simultaneously looking super fly.

After an extensive scroll session through numerous google search results, I stumbled upon a company called Langly Bag Co. out of California. Spawned from the ideas of a fellow photographer who shared my same dilemma, Evan Lane took it upon himself to create the ultimate camera bag that was both stylish and protective.

Langly Bag Co Review Langly Bag Co Review

After looking at the three types of bags they offer, the Multi Camera Pack was the one I was searching for all along. They offer 4 awesome colors; Black, Forest, Natural, and Coyote. The Multi-Camera Pack runs for $249.00.

Langly Bag Co Review Langly Bag Co Review

Don’t think these guys ditched functionality for style though. Each bag is hand-made with durable leather, rust-proof brass hardware, military-grade canvas to withstand the elements, and padded compartments to keep your gear safe and secure.

Langly Bag Co Review Langly Bag Co Review

It is their largest bag (and I mean large) and holds the most gear. This thing can fit both my dslr bodies, 6 lenses (it can hold up to 10), 2 flashes, a 15-inch laptop, a tripod, AND all the smaller items within the multiple pockets around the bag.

Langly Bag Co Review

With all that gear however, comes weight. This bag is heavy. Make sure you can carry at least 40lbs if you plan on filling this thing with everything you have. Despite the added weight, the chest strap, EVA foam inserts, and padded sweat wicking mesh back and shoulder straps make carrying this bag super easy and comfortable.

Langly Bag Co ReviewLangly Bag Co Review

Final thoughts…This bag is amazing. It has everything I would ever need in a bag. It carries all of my gear, and looks good doing it. If you’re in the market for a new camera bag, this is the company you should check out.

They offer 3 different bags that vary in size and color. They also make some really cool accessories like memory card cases, battery cases, camera straps, and even clothing.

You can check them out at


Have you ever had any security issues with the opening on the front? I’m so use to bags having the opening facing my back when I wear it.

I havent had any issues personally!

This is such a cool bag! I really need something like this. whenever i travel with my camera and lenses, i always have a cross-shoulder bag, but it gets so heavy and really annoying, haha. thanks for sharing!

This bag really does look amazing! It looks so streamlined and not bulky at all. Glad you love it! 🙂

I looked at this bag. It has a ton of great features! I think their smaller bag would be great for travel!!

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